Explosion of superfoods

Since the early 2010s, the superfood market has exploded worldwide. The superfood represents foods which have a nutritional contribution higher than the average of traditional foods. There are several categories of superfood : fruits, vegetables, seeds, roots. The goal of consuming this kind of superfood is to make your diet healthier with a supply of dietary supplements concentrated in vitamins and minerals. These superfoods contain the best that nature has to offer. Superfood is a booster for your health because it helps you to feel more energetic and fitter. It provides vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fiber, enzymes and fats from natural sources such as fruits and vegetables. Highly absorbable, it naturally contains the right combination of nutrients. Nutrients work together to improve your natural synergy. Super-foods are absolutely everywhere. Celebrities, bloggers, organic stores and specialized sites swear by their incredible health benefits. They are found in particular at the heart of the famous pokebowls (these colorful and delicious bowls that we see everywhere on Instagram).

 What are the benefits of superfoods?

Thanks to their extraordinary nutritional composition, superfoods contribute to the proper functioning of the body, and therefore to our good health. They have beneficial effects on fitness in general, both physical and psychological. They could even protect us against certain diseases, such as cancer. In detail, each super-food has its own qualities and, therefore, its own virtues. It could, on its own, participate in weight loss, support sports performance, prolong tanning, fight against nutritional deficiencies, strengthen the immune system or even prevent premature aging of the skin. Not bad for a simple freshwater algae, right ? Turmeric, on the other hand, could protect us from certain inflammatory diseases while taking care of our joints, stomach, kidneys and liver. A recent study also highlighted the benefits of this spice on mood: a real anti-depressant.

How to consume superfoods?

There are many ways to benefit from the qualities of superfoods. First, they can simply be added to food. They are then eaten alone or mixed with other ingredients in ready meals. You just have to get the raw product and test different recipes. Kale cabbage, for example, is very common in summer salads, while chia seeds can be used to make pudding. Goji berries, on the other hand, are simply eaten in plain yogurt to replace all or part of the sugar. The big trend on Instagram is to eat super food from breakfast in breakfast bowl or smoothies. Super-foods are also found in “super-mix”. These are mixtures of ingredients recognized for their health benefits, including superfoods.

Peru Super Food

Thanks to the wealth of these regions (the coast, the mountains and the jungle), Peru has the merit of offering a multitude of superfoods : Super Capsicum, Super Fruits, Super Vegetables, Super Grains, Super Herbs, Super Roots, Super Fish . SuperFoods Perù promotes this great wealth throughout the world. Peruvian gastronomy honors these superfoods. This is particularly the case of Super Capsicum which represent the basis of Peruvian cuisine. Incainvest offers most of the typical superfoods from Peru. Here are some examples of the most popular products in the website SuperfoodssPerù https://peru.info/en-us/superfoods

Super Capsicum

Perù has a wide variety of Andean sweet peppers and the highest number of chili pepper cultivars in the world. These peppers are very rich in nutrients that are essential to human health, and they also add exquisite flavor and depth to our already celebrated cuisine. Today more and more people around the globe are craving spicy food, so Peru aims to promote these products and set itself up as a powerhouse for healthy, biodiverse and sustainable produce. https://www.incainvest.com/products/andes-collection/yellow-chili-pepper/

Super Fruits

Peru’s native fruits have tasty exotic flavours and it is possible to find them in different presentations, both fresh and processed, in dishes, desserts or liquors, or as supplements for diets rich in vitamins and antioxidants. The goldenberry, camu camu, cherimoya, and lucuma that grow in the Amazon and at the foot of the Andes mountain range prevent diseases while melting in the mouth. https://www.incainvest.com/products/andes-collection/chirimoya/

Super Vegetables

Peru produces fruits and vegetables that meet the highest quality requirements of the international fresh produce markets: Flavor, color, consistency and aroma. Among the vegetables, the stand-outs are white and Green asparagus, processed under high standards, as well as conserved artichoke, red pepper and paprika. https://www.incainvest.com/products/andes-collection/asparagus/

Super Grains

The amazing properties of the Andean grains were the main reason of their consumption in ancient times, as well as their spread in the modern world, where residents of more than 35 countries are convinced of their nutritional value. The quinoa, cañihua, sacha inchi, white giant corn and Brazil nut are recognized because of their exceptional balance of proteins, fat, and starch, as well as their high amount of essential amino acids and nutraceutical properties.

Super Herbs

Since ancestral times, the aromatic herbs and medicinal plants have been used with charm and wisdom by different cultures to heal wounds and stop the pain. In Peru, herbs like muña and cat’s claw are used since pre-Columbian times and they have become nowadays the center of a¢ention because of their medicinal virtues capable of treating complex diseases, from old age disorders to cancer. https://www.incainvest.com/products/andes-collection/hierba-luisa/

Super Roots

The market of energy and functional drinks reaches US$23.000 million in countries like the USA, where a legion of consumers is looking for drinks with energetic properties and with health and nutrition benefits. In this category of products, we found foodstuff from Peru like mesquite, maca, purple corn, and yacon, exceptional ingredients for these drinks, source of proteins, carbs and amino acids. https://www.incainvest.com/products/andes-collection/ginger/

Super Fish

Fishing tradition dates back to the beginnings of the Peruvian culture, more than five thousand years ago. Since then, seafood has been a fundamental part of our customary diet and thanks to the climatic conditions – a natural privilege that Peruvians have been able to take advantage of – the abundance that comes from fishing is not sustained only on the quantity of the available resources, but mainly on quality and variety.

Super-food and not “miracle-food”!

However, it is essential to remember that eating superfoods is not magic! Besides, it will not be of much interest if you eat mainly junk food and other industrial dishes. Its effectiveness is only possible if it is part of a healthy and balanced diet. Beware of excess too! Excessive or exclusive consumption of super food could lead to dietary imbalances, and this is clearly not the goal. Remember that good health requires a diversified diet, so vary the pleasures!