Papaya of great quality, with exquisite taste ready to be exported all the year. 

It comes from the regions of Ucayali (Aguaytía and Pucallpa), and Cuzco

It is consumed in juices, soft drinks, jam, jellies, liquor and even chili.

Besides its flavor it has many benefits for the body.

Its high content of vitamin A helps skin, nails and hair.
Its high content of vitamin B helps to clean toxins in the blood.
Its high content of vitamin C stimulates and strengthens the immune system.
Contains papain, an enzyme that degrades proteins and makes it a digestive fruit
Contains carpaine (natural alkalizing), regulating the acidity of the human body.
Helps burn fat
Acts as a depurative and natural detoxifier
It contains minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron and potassium; what's more
very low in calories.

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